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Dental animations on gums and oral hygiene

The health of the gums to a large extent reflect the overall dental health. Included in this section are dental animations on various aspects of the gum diseases and their prevention as well as their treatment. These dental animations are a valuable tool for dental professionals and students to be used for patient education and motivation of oral hygiene. The animations cover a wide range of topics related to health and well being of the gums including gingivitis, periodontal pockets, plaque, calculus, periodontal surgeries and maintenance of oral hygiene.

Maintenance of good oral hygiene is vitally important for the health of the gums. Poor oral hygiene can result in diseases of the gums. The gums are affected by a number of factors both local such as oral hygiene as well as systemic factors. Common signs of gum diseases include bleeding, red and swollen gums, persistent bad breath, receeding gums, increasing spaces between the teeth, one or more teeth becoming loose, and vague aching, itching or discomfort around the gums are some of the other common signs. We offer here for your viewing dental animations that cover various aspects of the gums and oral hygiene.

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